Mexican president champions democracy in the face of local elections

Mexican president champions democracy in the face of local elections
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6 November 2020
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Mexico, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador championed democracy today as an ideal mechanism of society and called to respect it in the face of the midterm election.
The election will take place on June 6, 2021, but the proselytizing campaign is very intense in the 15 states where the governments will be renewed and across the country due to the election of the 500 deputies of the Lower House.

In his morning press conference, the president asked everybody today to help establish a true democratic election system and advocated that this become a habit in order to eliminate the prevalence of fraud, vote buying, the theft of ballot boxes, and the forgery of minutes.

He said that when one analyzes what monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy are, one concludes that the latter is the best political system.

He recalled that a single party prevailed in Mexico for a long time, which made all kinds of impositions, to the point of falling behind in terms of democracy in Latina America.

Mexico was a disgrace, that is why we will not allow setbacks, and we must all continue promoting democracy because when the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) was removed, Vicente Fox became president, and electoral fraud, open and confessed, was worse.

Therefore, he said, I ask all of you to be guardians of the Jun. 6 midterm elections to prevent fraud.

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