May, month of French culture in Cuba

May, month of French culture in Cuba
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18 May 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, May 17 (ACN) The French ambassador to Cuba, Patrice Paoli, reported on the rescheduling of dance performances and other activities as part of the current month of French Culture on the island.

This year, the organizers decided to return to the presentiality within the event and in turn, maintain the space provided by Cuban television to offer the best in French films, series and audiovisual projects.

Orchestra conductor Rémy Ballot will perform, along with the Lyceum Mozartiano, with a repertoire of compositions by Mozart, Bach, as well as the project that brings the conductor of the Lyceum Mozartiano.

He also mentioned as part of the cultural proposals the literary cabaret that takes place every month at the Paseo del Prado headquarters of the French Alliance of Cuba, this time with the famous play "The Foreigner" by Albert Camus.

On the relations that unite both countries, Paoli commented that the ties between Cuba and France are not limited to the 21st century, but have been developing since long before, since there was always a desire for an exchange between the two nations.

At the meeting, on behalf of all the members of the French diplomatic representation, he expressed words of condolence to those who lost their loved ones in the accident that occurred on May 6 at the Saratoga Hotel.

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