Maikel Amelia and Her Passions

Maikel Amelia and Her Passions
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6 September 2023
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Director José Víctor Herrera is in the middle of recording a new chapter of Tras la Huella that approaches the issue of missing persons. En al noche, written by Nilda Rodríguez, will be on our screens next December.

To know the ins and outs of television it’s necessary to get involved in the dynamism of the set, so visiting the location of the police officer allowed me to get to know the actress from Manzanillo Maikel Amelia Reyes more closely, who plays the character of Major Lucía in the television series Tras la huella.

The actress has been part of the cast of the series for eight years. On the evolution of the character and her professional development, she comments:

«Lucía is a character that has changed. She evolves every day and her transformation goes hand in hand with my development as an actress and as a person.

«In each chapter you learn because the cases are different and there are situations that, of course, teach you more than others. The interpretation depends to a large extent on the script and the depth of the research that supports it.»

How was the character of Lucía designed?

«The building of the character was thought with very specific features. She is a psychologist and studied Law at the MININT Institute. At different times, she manifests her knowledge of these specialties, which is very useful when carrying out the investigation process and facing each interrogation, each interview. »

Does this season present you with any difficulties, a new challenge?

«I think that the challenges are a personal matter. Sometimes there are moments when life is not the one who challenges you, but you are the one who set yourself new goals while apparently doing the same thing.

«As a team we’ve faced hard filming processes during the post-pandemic, due to difficult production situations caused by the country’s situation. We are aware of Cuba’s situation. That’s a challenge too. You must overcome everything to give the best to the public.»

Are you also drawn to directing?

«I am a graduate of Direction from the Faculty of Art of Audiovisual Communication Media (FAMCA), attached to the University of Arts. I really like the documentary genre and I’ve just finished a production of that genre named Almas, which has to do with the elderly.»

What is your interest in this subject?

«I’m very passionate about children and old people. I think they are the most fragile people in society.

“The aging of the population is a reality that we face in Cuba and worldwide. Sometimes we are not aware that what we give today will be what we will receive tomorrow, so we must teach children to love and respect older adults, grandparents."

Can you speak about  the making of the documentary Almas?

«Almas intertwines the stories of various elders. It started from a research process that I began while I was studying at FAMCA and that motivated a first audiovisual approach to the subject.

«In making the documentary I had the support of the Santovenia asylum, Dr. Pedro Hernández, FAMCA, and the guidance of director Eduardo Eimil.»

What was the intention behind the work?

"Raise a little awareness on the situation of the elderly."

Do you have other projects as a director?

«I don't know if in the future, in addition to documentaries, I will make drama series. I have investigated many national issues that can become interesting documents, conflicts and issues that have not been addressed.»

By biding the actress-director duality, how do you take on acting?

«I’m very docile as an actress. Inevitably, from the perspective of a director, there are moments when you have a vision of the scene in which you say: I’d like to do it this way!, but when I act I cannot exert pressure because every director has a symphony in his head and I respect very much the criterion of the direction.

«When you act you don't see yourself, then you must trust the director, give yourself in and let him know that your trust is absolute to let you guide, because otherwise there is an internal war that is not good for neither the director nor you.»

The artist summarizes what she considers her responsibility to viewers:

«I feel that working on television as an actress is the way to fulfill my mission with my people, with Cuba.

  «Through the artistic work I want to express my gratitude to my compatriots, to the public that shows me love and respect every day; that forces me to work even harder.”

Mikel Amelia has a large history on radio and television, both in Bayamo and in the capital. In addition to acting in the cinema, she has participated in soap operas like Santa María del Porvenir, La otra esquina, En tiempos de amar and the series Promesas, among other productions.

These days, she combines the heart-throbbing cases of Tras la Huella with the recording of another soap opera: Viceversa, directed by Loysis Inclán and Eduardo Eimil, where she plays the role of a character submerged in a controversial family situation.

Although those commitments pose greater workload on her, she is happy to fulfill her calling and assume roles that allow her to show different angles.

Always friendly to the public and her colleagues, the actress satisfies the readers' curiosity by sharing her passions: family, music, her beloved land, and of course, acting.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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