Lopez Obrador: Mexico will continue helping Cuba to extinguish fire

Lopez Obrador: Mexico will continue helping Cuba to extinguish fire
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8 August 2022
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Mexico City, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Mexico will continue helping the brotherly people of Cuba in light of the emergency caused by a fire in oil storage tanks in the western region, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced on Monday.

At his morning press conference at the National Palace, the president said that 85 specialists from Petroleos Mexicanos and the Secretariat of National Defense are participating in the emergency cooperation.

He admitted that the situation at the Matanzas supertanker base is complicated, but we already have the technicians and the foam that is used to fight the fire in this type of accident, and we will continue supporting our brotherly Cuban people.

Mexico was one of the first countries to send humanitarian and technical aid to Matanzas, about 100 kilometers east of Havana, and its specialists are working hard side by side with Cubans and specialized contingents from Venezuela in the difficult attempts to put out the fire.

Last night’s explosions affected at least three rescue workers with minor injuries who were treated in hospitals, despite the fact that the firemen had previously been evacuated in anticipation of an explosion of the second tank, as finally happened.

International solidarity was present and today here in Mexico the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba opened a bank account at BBVA for those citizens who wish to make monetary contributions in favor of the victims of the accident, which has already left one dead and 16 missing.

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