Longing for School

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Longing for School
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21 May 2020
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My youngest girl told me: she misses her friends at school and the atmosphere in her primary school.

I know this is not just an isolated case. Although it’s not the majority, there are children who already at this point of the social isolation prefer to go to school and feel a little more freedom, outside the four walls of the house.

Parents do the impossible. Well, those who don’t have to keep working or work from home have more time, but we all strive to make this sort of confinement a little more bearable, but time goes by and boredom sets in.

The healthiest habit is reading, but it’s very little rooted among our children, and the most resorted option are video games, whether on a computer, cell phone or tablet.

But even this modality becomes boring, and then it demands from us extreme of imagination.

Board games are another good modality, and some are even quite educational. The problem is that when you resort to them for several days, they also get bored.

At home I have had to "dust off" games from my childhood like Blind Man's Bluff or Hide and Seek, with the risk this implies for any type of home decoration.

Curiously, these have been the moments most enjoyed by my girls, perhaps because those games are not usually played, but that shows that these games don’t go out of fashion.

Human interaction is unparalleled, no matter how perfect video games are. Just simulating a sports narration is fun for them something repeated with the passing of days.

We as adults have to rack our brains to keep our children busy in any possible way. Only with our help can they endure this confinement, until the day (happy now for many children and parents) when they can return to school.

Amilkal Labañino / CubaSi Translation Staff


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