Lía and Pachi, Just Like They Are

Lía and Pachi, Just Like They Are
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12 August 2020
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This album was meant to arrive, and the welcoming it has had among lovers of trova music and other confluent genres, has proven its importance.

For more than twenty years, first based in Holguín and later in Trinidad, the duet Cofradía, with Liamer Llorente Góngora (Lía) and Eusebio Ruiz (Pachi), has accumulated several songs.

Their many followers sing them at concerts, jam sessions, and more or less lucky gatherings. They are already shared heritage of many people, saved testimony, thanks to the album Just as We Are (Tal como somos).

"It’s an album where you can find a very rich musical variety; an eclectic album, with rhythms and tastes from all over the world," says Lía.

And Pachi adds: "Within that melting pot which is *Cofradía*, you will find Cuban son music songs, guarachas, blues, a lot of jazz influence, Brazilian and Spanish music ...".

Great artists collaborated in the album: Gema Corredera, Liuba María Hevia, Alain Pérez ... joined this production, which has enriched the soundtrack of a city of singular charm.

Lía and Pachi are also referents of cultural promotion in Trinidad: they carry out intense educational work with children and young people, their house is a meeting spot for troubadours and artists from various art manifestations.

That worldwide spirit is evident in the album, which is available on the Bis Music platforms.

The album is a tribute to a tradition and also a jump into contemporaneity, it’s a game and a chronicle, a celebration of friendship, an invitation to face the challenges of life with music, with good music, from one of the most beautiful villages of Cuba.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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