Legislative work goes on in Cuba despite COVID-19

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Legislative work goes on in Cuba despite COVID-19
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23 September 2020
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The necessary restrictions imposed by COVID-19 on Cuba's socioeconomic dynamics have not implied a total cessation of the Cuban legislative work.

Granma newspaper reported that on a recent meeting, the National Assembly of People's Power analyzed two bills.

The first pertained to the organization and operation of the Council of Ministers and its Executive Committee, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Ministers, the Secretary, and other members of the Council of Ministers.

The second relates to the hierarchizing and centralizing, in a single legal body, the operation of the State as regards the Foreign Service and Action, following the new constitution.

During the meeting, which was headed by Esteban Lazo, President of the Council of State and the National Parliament, it was disclosed that the Council of State approved ten decree-laws and will soon consider another two.

Likewise, the deputies' results in the verification of the fulfillment of the strategy to confront the COVID-19 were evaluated.

Given the amount of work that remains to be done during the rest of the year, Lazo Hernández urged for the reinforcement of the parliament's standing committees' work.

He also stressed the value of the information they gather, as they are in direct contact with the people, their representatives, and the authorities in the territories.


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