Lebanon Surpasses 200 Cases of Cholera

Lebanon Surpasses 200 Cases of Cholera
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22 October 2022
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According to the statistical report, the country has a total of 220 infected people and five deaths and with the presence of the disease in the northern regions of Akkar, Minieh Dannieh and Tripoli; in the northeast of the Bekka; in the east of Baalbek and in the governorate of Mount Lebanon.


So far, 29 localities in the Lebanese territory have at least one case of cholera, of which the communities of Bebnine-Abdeh (Akkar) and Rihanieh (Minieh Dannieh) have the highest number of patients with 41 and 38 patients, respectively.


According to the Ministry of Public Health in the interim government, contaminated water in several areas of the country is the main factor in the increase of cholera infections, as well as contacts amongst villagers.


According to WHO, cholera is an acute bacterial infection that affects the stomach and is transmitted through contaminated hands, water or food consumption.

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