Lebanese Resistance Introduces New Guided Missiles

Lebanese Resistance Introduces New Guided Missiles
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24 December 2023
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The Lebanese Resistance (Hezbolah) introduced a guided missile system with high destructive capabilities in its military actions against Israeli forces, the pan-Arab channel Al Mayadeen reported.

According to political analyst Abbass Fneish, the new weaponry is capable of operating on land, air and sea targets, both fixed and mobile within a range of eight to 10 kilometers.

The expert commented that the system can accurately hit and destroy points and mentioned Hizbulah’s attack on the Beit Hillel workshop, affiliated to the Israeli army’s Northern Regional Weapons Unit.

At the same time, he stressed that the launching of air-to-surface missiles against two Tel Aviv helicopters in the airspace of the Shtula, Shumira and Evan Menachem area, in the occupied Lebanese village of Tarbikha, is a message to the enemy about the capabilities of the Resistance.

According to the specialist, the aircraft were neutralized and their flights restricted, as the aim of the operation was not to shoot them down at that time as they were inside the occupied territories.

In the last few days, joint US-Israeli air activity has increased off the Lebanese coast up to Syria, Fneish revealed.

For the Lebanese analyst, such actions by Tel Aviv in complicity with Washington seek to gather information and provide it to officials.

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