Joint venture plans to expand to Sagua de Tanamo, Holguín

Joint venture plans to expand to Sagua de Tanamo, Holguín
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28 December 2023
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A Cuban-Italian joint venture is expanding in eastern Cuba, and will soon include the municipality of Sagua de Tánamo in the province of Holguín, according to Osnardo Fuentes Guerra, director of the Rolando Ayub Coffee Processing Plant in Santiago de Cuba.

Currently that industry has processed more than 2,800 tons of the bean, with the most modern technology and 90 workers, although it still does not satisfy the domestic consumption in the largest of the Antilles.

Located in what used to be the headquarters of the former Banco de Fomento Agrícola e Industrial de Cuba, the plant will become the headquarters of the joint venture BioCubaCafé.

Next January, modernization will begin and a roasting plant will be installed “so that the production process will be totally carried out in Contramaestre, and the Cuban and Italian parties will promote it with 150 coffee growers from seven municipalities in Santiago, three in Granma and one in Guantánamo”, said Fuentes.
Among the projections is the expansion of the company to Holguín and to improve the distribution among the workers of the profits generated by the export of certified organic coffee.

BioCubaCafé consists of the creation of the traceability of the grain through Blockchain technology, which makes available to the buyer a chain of data, ranging from the exportable coffee bag to the producer’s field to guarantee the authenticity of the organic process with more than 96 measurements of technical-productive, economic and social results.

Cuba has a rich history in the cultivation of coffee, one of the main export products today.

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