Joe Biden: Questionable Future?

Joe Biden: Questionable Future?
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22 November 2021
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According to another research of famed analytic firm Gallup, Republicans has a bit of a lead regarding the vote intention of Americans.

So was reported, last Tuesday, by a journalist working for the CNN, Lauren Dezenski.

Once studied the results, 54 % of interviewees prefers the Republican Party while just 39 % choses the Democrat Party, the largest lead since 2015.

Regarding prosperity, 50 % supports the Republican Party while 41 % backs the Democrats, also the largest lead since 2014.

Experts recall that Republicans has usually beaten Democrats concerning home security and economy.

In this regard, Gallup adds:

“This change responds more to the decline on the way Americans look at the Democratic Party rather that a huge leap made by Republicans.”

It is also stated that Independents has a lot to do with this number and since last year, they believe that the Democratic Party handles better the most important thing: “homeland security and reach long-term prosperity.”

CNN also remarks that it is important to take into consideration the date this survey was carried out (September 1st-September 20th, 2021), when the chaotic withdraw from Afghanistan, the rise of Covid-19 cases, and job weakening situation in the U.S. took place.

Specialists believe these were really tough news for President Biden and his political party.

CNN also clears up it is just a survey, not a prediction on the future.

In its view, these facts test Biden Administration and the actual power control exerted by Democrats.

Let’s not forget that the 2022 mid-term elections are 13 months away, enough time to change people’s mind and opinions. And the Democrats’ concern on Biden’s lost of popularity may vanish.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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