It Hurts, what a Shame ... (Goes an old popular song)

It Hurts, what a Shame ... (Goes an old popular song)
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16 November 2021
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The “social” networks and its algorithms, used as remote-controlled drones by U.S. forces, try to achieve in Joseph Goebbels’s the worst style that the lies repeated so many times become truth. This attempt to harm through sheer lies cleaned the today anxious minds of the Cuban people, or at least part of it, this is another attempt of a failed policy.


Failed state, right? “Lies have short legs”, some grandparents often say and they are right. The truth about what happened in Cuba in the last five years is easy to verify.


Mr. Donald Trump entered the White House on the disastrous noon of Friday, January 20th, 2017. His policy towards Cuba had already been conveniently repeated in his electoral campaign (a comment aside: Biden until today has made an Olympic fool of himself in the Oval Office, as far as fulfilling electoral promises, at least regarding Cuba).


But the Trump meteorite was faithful to the anti-Cuban promises shouted, redder than usual, during his electoral passage through South Florida. Just by sitting his butt on the imperial throne, the carrot showed the best of him. He furiously unleashed anti-communist vengeance, seasoned by the tickling of grateful dollars from the same audience that months earlier applauded him feverishly. And he launched the first blows against Cuba.


Let’s not forget that it was he, and not the Cuban government, who banned cruises, airlines, and trips of North American tourists to the island, and left without those generous chewing-gum customers to taxi drivers, hostel and restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, prostitutes and other "hustlers" in the cities and towns of Cuba. Sad all those who, mainly in Havana, put all their savings at risk to repair or build exclusive businesses for the coveted North American tourism.


It was he, and not the Cuban government, who swept away family remittances with a stroke of the pen, blocked, and threatened bank branches around the world, and killed the Cuban on the street the dreams of prosperity.


It was the thug Donald who banned direct flights to the provinces and closed the consular services of his embassy in Havana, to make almost impossible the wishes and the almost ancestral need of Cubans to travel in both directions regularly and therefore cheaper…


It was he who put Cuba back on the list of sponsors of terrorism, and terrorized banks, governments, and businessmen around the world, first of all those of the crafty, calculating and sometimes too cold and distant Europe, so that they would not negotiate nor will they move a single penny to or from Havana. It was he and not President Díaz-Canel who put more pressure on the boiler and blocked the exhaust valves...


The fault, then, was not the good Cuban blackbird, but the imperial eagle. But the worst was yet to com.


The pandemic, that word that seemed buried in old history books and in the novels and films of the Middle Ages, came to do the rest. An almost fatal wound to what was left of tourism, water in the engines of the Cuban economy, and spending what little the country had to save lives and try the miracle of keeping the nation running.


Millions of that large majority of good Cubans, in pain and worried about the deaths of family and friends, continued to move and move today, with more hearts than muscles, their tired arms, and make their unredeemed island float in the middle of the sea.


Pandemic and blockade: the perfect storm, and to hell with trips, exchanges, scholarships, galleries, concerts, festivals, migrations, triumphant stay and return, joys, beaches, friends, vacation trips, dreams and even worldly pleasures. Everyone stayed put and bases loaded. The righteous and the sinners in quarantine, huddled in the same bag.


If Mambrú Goes to War ...


On July 11th, 2021, just four months ago, the Yankee-fascist propaganda, of hatred and revenge, which sometimes traveled stealthily and also openly through antisocial networks, saturated some feverish minds with lies, of that internal minority, that of the exception and not the rule.


Since then and until today, they have tried to rare the atmosphere of a good and sacrificed people, which have undergone all tests, and have overcome them for more than six decades, through huge sacrifice that it cannot describe even by the best statistics.


From Florida and from old Europe still in the grip of the cold war, the threats, offenses, personal attacks, including friends and family, and the Cuban government elected by the democracy approved by the majority will of its people returned.


Even worse, the unhealthy endeavor to beat the drums of war and terrorism came into fashion again, as if bombs and rockets were smarter than those who push the buttons to launch them.


A president Biden, who can’t be known whether he is timid or prey to the lies ringing in his ears, has done nothing to distance himself from the crazy Trump in his policy towards Cuba. He appears to be playing the same dangerous card that cost J. F. Kennedy his life. But he would be just one more among the 12 emperors who, since 1959 until today have gone down in history, and even forgotten, with the unrealized nightmare of destroying the Cuban Revolution.


The clock is ticking very fast today, against the merchants of hate and its potential buyers in Cuba. The old formula successfully tested in some other colored latitudes, its days are numbered.


Cuba is winning with intelligence, waste of love and huge efforts of its own, with the solidarity of its friends and good Cubans in the world, the great and true battle of these times, that of immunizing its people (including enemies or tired of the Revolution), against COVID-19.


The country opens its borders. The tourism engine begins to warm up without polluting air. The Mariel Development Zone builds its own and foreign industries and receives new ships loaded with the future. Legislations with a sense of the historical moment highlight the living letter of the socialist Constitution, approved in a popular referendum on February 24th, 2019, with 86.85% of votes, another truth that today liars of spirit intend to entangle.


SMEs are born, private property is protected, the state economy is shaking off the dust of bureaucracy and laziness and promises growth in a short time. Streets are repaired, citadels are improved, schools, warehouses and hospitals are painted ...


The leaders of the Party and the government are also renewed, a young government with gray hair, involved every day in the fight for the good of everyone. A national government that’s a faithful heir to Marti’s and revolutionary ideas of Fidel. A government that listens with respect to the demands of the people, and is advised by the most faithful of the brothers, with that Raúl undefeated in time, standing on the mambí stirrup, always ready to undertake the guerrilla offensive.


More than the news in the press, food and drink will arrive without anguish at the table of every-day Cubans, and for him public, state and private transport will also improve, allowing him to go and return on time and with certain comfort to work or study center. It’s not a chimera, it’s a reality that only requires a little time and the determined effort of good patriots.


Hence the desperation of the enemies of the Revolution, outsiders and insiders, the latter with their citizen rights included and respected as long as they abide law. But some and others, in the absence of proposals and their own thought, are left hanging by a thread.


Like raging bulls, they intend to attack blindly against the red cloth and legitimize, with the CIA support and the Yankee embassy in Havana, their latest attempts to destabilize the country, and create a situation of violence that triggers the war of the United States against Cuba.


Historical memory is worth mentioning: it’s the same option where Kennedy made a mistake in 1961 with the invasion of Girón, but which he didn’t buy later in the most dangerous days of the Missiles Crisis. It’s the option so many times amassed by the hawks of the Pentagon, when the Miami mafia repeatedly presents pretexts in their clutches, but that no Yankee president - nor the worst enemies of communism and the Revolution - dared to approve until today.


But… beware! Mr. Biden is used to play dumb, as he did at the recently concluded Summit on Climate Change. They can surprise you from behind.


That’s why the pupils of the anonymous Cuban heroes, such as the Five and Dr. "Fernando", those of the hundreds of thousands of brave internationalism, those of the combatants of the institutions of citizen peacefulness and the Armed Forces, those of the men and women of the Border brigade, and those of the town with their guard up in the streets, are today more observant than ever.


This and no other is the real truth. Enough of raising termites in the memory of an entire town. Mambrú possibly never went to war. And if he "left", no one saw him come back.


The clock is ticking loud and clear in favor of the vast majority of Cubans. With a little love and trust as always, with or without the blockade, Cuba will sooner rather than later, with its socialist Revolution strengthened, the better future it deserves. Of course it can be done!

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