IOC presents initiatives to promote solidarity and unity

IOC presents initiatives to promote solidarity and unity
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23 July 2020
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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today presented a series of initiatives to promote solidarity and unity in difficult and adverse times due to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19.

Through a press release, the IOC informed that it will digitally establish a program of activities focused on the Olympic flame and on the resistance and strength of the athletes preparing for the Olympic event.

'A series of activities have been planned to commemorate this occasion, under the message of the Olympic brand campaign 'Together we are stronger,' which recognizes the importance of solidarity and unity in these difficult times of adversity, acknowledging the power of sport and in particular the Olympic Games to bring people together,' the agency said.

In addition, the Olympic Movement will intensify its support to all athletes and the Organizing Committee in the coming days, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by digital and social media.

In this sense, the Tokyo 2020 directors will launch a video that will incorporate messages of respect and gratitude for those who support the Olympic Games and will also convey it to the athletes who wish to compete next year in Japan.


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