Indigenous peoples of Guatemala see Cuba as a beacon of dignity

Indigenous peoples of Guatemala see Cuba as a beacon of dignity
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30 June 2022
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Guatemala City, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) Social organizations and peoples from the Guatemalan highlands recognize Cuba as a beacon of dignity for Latin America amid the harsh US blockade.

For 63 years, the US government has brutally enforced an economic, financial, material and technological blockade against the Cuban people, despite the annual resolutions at the United Nations to call for the end of this irrational and unjustified measure, according to a statement by the Tzuk Kim-pop Movement.

Grouped as native peoples, the signatories warn that Cuba, a beacon of dignity and sovereignty, is under attack and consider the blockade’s purpose of crushing a people worthy and proud of their self-determination ineffective and hindering development as a fundamental right.

For Tzuk Kim-pop, it is totally anachronistic to impose restrictive measures on trade, cooperation and solidarity, as is the case of the more than 200 restrictive sanctions promoted against the island, they said in a statement to which Prensa Latina had access.

“The peoples of the world, the indigenous peoples of the Guatemalan highlands, social organizations, are calling with a giant voice for the lifting of the blockade and the destabilizing actions against the peace and security of the Cuban people. Cuba is under attack, but it is not alone nor has it ever been,” they said in the statement.

In it, they recall that Guatemala has benefited from solidarity in medicine, sports, technical assistance and other areas of cooperation, even in the circumstances of a repudiated blockade that prevents it from enjoying a fundamental right, the right to development.

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