Increasing trend in homicides in Uruguay

Increasing trend in homicides in Uruguay
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14 September 2022
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Montevideo, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) The increase in homicides is a trend in Uruguay, Criminal Lawyer German Aller said.

In a televised appearance, Aller commented on recent cases of violent deaths in the country, nine of them in the last few days.

He said that criminal gangs may be responsible for these homicides.

The tendency is to increase. This refers not only to the number but also to the way of killing, now they are “horrendous crimes in every sense,” he emphasized.

Aller added that these are violent deaths “not at all usual” in Uruguay.

Asked about the methods of setting fire to corpses, he said that it is a way to eliminate evidence in the face of better techniques to identify them.

Aller noted the importance of the significant presence of the State in the neighborhoods of Montevideo, but also in the interior of the country.

“The real control of crime is social,” he said.

According to the expert, it is a matter of creating work and study opportunities, especially for young people.

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