An impressive medal for Cuban baseball in Hermosillo

An impressive medal for Cuban baseball in Hermosillo
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5 September 2022
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A TIGHT game right to the end said farewell to the 5th U15 Baseball World Cup. The U.S. won the tournament over Cuba 4x3 at the Sonora’s majestic stadium.


After a U.S. knock-out win over Cuba 11x1 on Saturday in the last game of the Super Round, many believed the gold medal match would be really different, and so it was…


The Cuban managerial staff, wisely headed by Pinar del Rio’s Alexander Urquiola, trusted his best pitchers for three innings each, to avoid Americans to adjust offensively and thus prevent their hitters to storm over our hurlers.


On the other hand, in the offensive side, the strategy was to have patience over the plate and make the most out of the lack of command of the U.S. fireballers to reach bases and try to connect with men in scoring positions.


Beyond that, defense had to work and Cubans’ bravery instills fear over the contrary, which had made several errors throughout the event.


After the play ball call, we watched a tight one-run game, with a few little details that resulted in our lost.


A defensive error, unnecessary walks, a pitch right down the middle that ended in a U.S. home run over the left field wall; a man caught at first base, exaggerated swings when a contact swing was just needed…


These and other situations prevent us to win the gold medal, deserved by the formidable U.S. team —with impressive physical shape—, and pitchers reaching 90+ mph, and hitters producing homers easily.


However, they showed some weaknesses with some breaking balls, but especially they respected the courage of players willing to give their people a major joy, players who filled with tears the field after the lost.


They know well, due to our rich baseball history, that winning is what actually matters for Cuban baseball. And it is ok to feel that way.


Robier Hernández, Danel Reyes and Mailon Batista allowed four runs to their opponents —the least amount scored by them in a match. And Alejandro Cruz and Yaidel Ruíz produced the three runs scored by our team in that vibrant, thrilling third inning.


What we watched in the seventh and last inning, the bases loaded and no hitter could find the way to drive home the tie and potentially the winning run proved how close the team was to actually winning the game.


Along with the silver medal, the team showed there is a bright future ahead for both athletes and trainers. There are a lot of technical and human virtues to praise, paired to normal technical and tactical mistakes.


A new stage is beginning for this generation of baseball players. A generation that is already leaving its mark in the rich history of our national sport.


That photo of Cuban players on the podium, along with Americans and Taiwanese’s players (bronze medalists) confirmed victory is still possible for Cuba even though the context is very difficult with Cuba’s ongoing situation.


This team endured in training sessions the shortage and tensions experienced by the nation. Actually, players overcame these situations to give joy and fill with pride those who still believe in Cuban baseball. 


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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