This is How We Are Doing Facing the Pandemic, on Two Fronts

This is How We Are Doing Facing the Pandemic, on Two Fronts
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17 March 2020
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Unfortunately for them, those who don’t trust the decisions made in Cuba, must make up stories or grab a hot nail to criticize us, turning good news into suspicions, and use the oldest story in the history of mankind to defend their point. At times it seems like they wish for us the worst, just to prove we were wrong, but there’s no way they can find a valid argument. Without closing borders, sharing what we have with the world, taking our children to schools and with all the shortage characteristic to an island under a cruel blockade, in Cuba the situation remains under control.

Stop giving more ideas or try more lessons, check the contrasts and wash your mouth before speaking about my country, and I’m not saying the brain, because that one has already been washed via Internet or TV or through other more direct and lucrative ways.

Just two or three points, inspired by Solomonic posts I read on Facebook. They compare us, for example, with Italy "look how things stand for not closing the borders in time" Just that? While the person in charge of primary health care asked Cubans to especially protect our elderly and explained that at the offices of the family doctor's program it was oriented to keep an eye in this sector of the population, with emphasis on those living alone or suffer from chronic diseases, Infobae published this Sunday about a change in the protocol for some Italians:

"People infected with coronaviruses who have a low chances of survival due to advanced age or pre-existing pathologies could be denied access to intensive care in the event that hospital beds are exhausted, according to the proposal of the team handling the emergency. caused by COVID-19 in the Italian region of Piamonte."

Others also point out that "in Spain they thought they could handle it and things went wrong" and they wonder "How long are they going to wait in Cuba to take drastic measures?" In Cuba, without a dead person, nor a single patient in ICU, with just 4 positive cases that evolve positively (to keep our hopes high), the Ministry of Culture has already canceled all the spaces that involve crowds, health authorities carry out daily press conferences, where they inform and orient.

All of the territories in the country have a number of beds for isolation and treatment, without mixing suspects with positives patients and without asking anyone to stay home to save money or for not collapsing the system. In El País newspaper I recently read about the costs of the diagnostic test in private clinics in Spain if you want to clarify any doubt, because they have a protocol change there. The Cuban protocol calls for anyone with any respiratory symptoms to attend to a doctor, according to that newspaper, the protocol in the Madrid community says something else: if you have mild symptoms, stay home, isolate yourself and you will be assisted by phone.

My friends, if you make a comparison in terms of “common sense” between the Cuban government and that of the United States, you can overlook "subjectivities" in the analysis, like the fact that the Cuban President, Miguel Díaz Canel, long before detecting the first patient positive for the virus, he led task meetings and checked measure plans personally, in the meantime, Trump was laughing at the new virus that was already making North Americans sick and said he knew it very well (I don’t doubt they are related), or the fact that the president recently allocated funds for the diagnostic test to stop being a paid privilege- Well indeed, let’s include the specific data, the figures of confirmed cases and deaths in both countries. Around 3,700 and almost 70 respectively in the United States; 4 and 0 in Cuba. Are we seriously taking the same measures?

While China acknowledges the efficacy of the Interferon alfa 2B, created and produced in Cuba, for the treatment of the new coronavirus, and half the world requests the support of the island, which, as always, is willing to help the entire world, many are amused to point out that is not "the cure" for Covid19, as if someone had stated that, or worse, they entertain themselves making absurd calculations on possible profits that will go to I don't know whose pockets, and we Cubans, as always making calculations about how many lives could be saved in no matter what far corner of the world.

These are the steps taken by a blocked Cuba while Germany reveals that Mr. Trump attempted to purchase a pharmaceutical company to obtain benefits only for the United States. This is how we do things, as always, thinking in life first, stubborn, busy and organized humanists, counting the pennies to distribute them as best as possible among those who need it, without borders, breaking the blockade with dignity. We show solidarity.

Sharing health and love, because that’s what we have. What we have to spare are opportunistic viruses that not even in the times of coronaviruses decrease, but for those we do have a vaccine and a cure: the facts, more than 150 thousand deaths by Covid19 in the world, none in Cuba.

Those who want to keep watching the news to find how to attack us or where to spread panic, are within their rights. We keep waking up every day with the joy of knowing that China is winning the battle, hoping to read that the rest of the nations, whatever the ideology of their governments, whatever the way they have decided to manage the crisis, are also defeating the disease. It’s just like that how we have lived for centuries, in two fronts, "the one of those who hate and destroy" and "the other of those who love and create".


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