Hollywood Academy opens new category for the Oscars

Hollywood Academy opens new category for the Oscars
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12 February 2024
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The United States Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences already has a new section today in its stand of competitive categories to win the Oscar, that of Best Casting.
This is the director in charge of choosing the cast of a film and the decision is in some way due to adapting the award to the demands of the public.

The coveted golden statuette will be awarded for the first time to a historically forgotten figure within the Oscars, however, with an indispensable contribution from the first moment a film begins to take shape.

Academy CEO Bill Kramer based his analysis on the role played by a team that chooses the casting of actors.

Casting directors represent an essential piece in filmmaking and, as the Academy evolves, we are proud to add them among the recognized disciplines, and we celebrate that proposal, he explained. Meanwhile, the president of the Academy, Janet Yang, congratulated the members of the branch to which it belongs on behalf of the company: Casting Directors.

It is a triumph, a milestone to insert this category, because it is a specialty of high commitment and great demands throughout the filming and production process of a film, she added from the Academy.

The new classification will become effective in 2025 to give the award in the 2026 edition, therefore, the institution will take into account the 2025 films to see which ones will have the most accurate casting decisions.

The new Oscar for Best Casting will be the first award introduced by the Academy in more than 20 years, and to put it in context, the last integrated candidacy was for Best Animated Film, effective in 2001, against hits of that format such as “The Lion King”.

Still, with the Academy’s decision, another sector of the industry was left out, that of the so-called “stunt doubles”, a risky job due to the possibility of these specialists suffering serious injuries or dying due to the nature of their work, but many already hope that the entity will soon take it into account.

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