Helping, Argimiro’s premise

Helping, Argimiro’s premise
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14 November 2022
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Argimiro’s granddaughter is not so little. With 10 years ago, a Cuban kid knows perfectly what a hurricane is, especially if you have a grandfather who has traveled the island repairing the havoc caused by ruthless winds:

“I have been given these missions when sister provinces have been affected. For instance, I have been twice in Havana, in Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Pinar del Rio, and some other provinces.”

But he has deeply missed that little girl in these 45 days or so they have been working in Pinar del Rio after the passing of hurricane Ian. With 65 years old, 45 of them in the telecommunication world, Argimiro is already giving thoughts to retirement.

“If anyone needs me, I will be there at home. I am proud to help. I am at peace and help those in need. This has been my premise all these years.”

He might have been 25 the first time. Since then, he has been involved in so many but he warned: “Not all are this big, but it is quite shocking. Of course, experience helps to make your way.”

I worked as a lineman, then I served as Brigade Commander and, “through ETECSA, I was called to embrace this task in the Corte y Bajante brigade and here I am since the very beginning.”

The experience garnered helps him to take better care of the men under his command as this may be a very dangerous work, “especially when there are two companies working simultaneously, the Cuban Electricity Company and us. They are also repairing the damage, with tensors covering kilometers and you do not know what you are surrounded by.”

This is Argimiro’s second stint in Pinar del Río and “I have been always treated well. The top leaders are close, they greet you, shake your hands, and care for your needs. The people offer you all they have. We sometimes need to reject their offer because they want you to have everything they have.”

Although the situation caused by Ian in Pinar was quite serious, Baracoa's experience —hurricane Matthew— was the most impressive for him: "it was serious when we got there. The then President of ETECSA, now Minister of Communications, was there all the time with us. She was really an example and there were no men there resting on site.”

Argimiro has been absent at times when the whole family has gathered together, "but well, I just call them and encourage them. I suggest them to pretend I am there, that I will be there next time…”

He has four grandchildren and he loves all of them, but "that little girl, that little granddaughter, we have her spoiled," he acknowledges. However, nothing prevents this scene from being repeated in the living room of the house:

"The hurricane is passing through. We are watching television and immediately I am telling my wife: get my travel bag ready..."

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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