Healthcare is a Universal Human Right in Cuba

Healthcare is a Universal Human Right in Cuba
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2 April 2024
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 Healthcare in Cuba is a basic human right stipulated by the Constitution of the Republic and backed by the implementation of the Public Health Law.

The statement was made by deputy Health minister Carilda Peña Garcia during a press conference in Havana in the context of the upcoming World Health Day.

All Cubans enjoy free and comprehensive healthcare disregarding race, religion, geographic or economic position, the official recalled and went on stress the current operations of over 11 thousand neighborhood doctor’s offices and more than 491 healthcare centers in the country, all despite the shortage of medications, medical supplies and technologies as a consequence of the US economic blockade against the Cuban people.

The deputy minister referred to the control of transmissible diseases without complications, and current efforts aimed at lowering of diabetes-related risk factors as well as those associated to high-blood pressure and asthma.

As to the Sustainable Development Goas—a Cuban health priority—them minister pointed to a local healthcare movement in municipalities, cities and communities aimed at improving health indicators and facing non-transmissible diseases.

Cuba affirms its commitment to sanitary equality, universal access to medical attention, the official stressed and announced that the island will ark World Health Day and World Day for Physical Activity Day, April 7 and 6.

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