Havana Club is thriving despite Trump administration's new measures

Havana Club is thriving despite Trump administration's new measures
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21 October 2020
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One of the most recent measures imposed by the Trump’s administration to negatively affect the Cuban economy is to banning American citizens from bringing home Cuban rum. Nonetheless, the Havana Club trademark does not stop and rather grows, with an amazing background history and future projects.

Sergio Valdés Dorta, director of Market Development at Havana Club International S.A., stated to ACN that this new measure enforced by the US government makes US citizens visiting Cuba or any of the other 120 nations where Havana Club is marketed, may taste such wonderful product but will regret not to do so at their home nation.

American citizens, when visiting Cuba, share in public and private places with other tourists from different countries, and locals. And Havana Club is everywhere. The sales in Duty Free Cuba, including all travelers, do not exceed 10% of the sales total in Cuba.

Therefore, although it hurts somehow the brand, the damage is bigger for consumers as the Cuban rum is one of the best worldwide, Valdés Dorta pointed out.

The executive highlighted that in conversations held with American bartenders, they are actually impressed by the quality and diversity of Havana Club’s wide range of rums. Similarly, they yearn to have them at their bars. However, the US blockade on Cuba prevent these products from being marketed in US soil. But the truth will finally delight American consumers one day, he noted.

Havana Club will go on with its strategy, which has put the trademark among the top-3 international rums of the world even though it is not sold in the US. The brand will strengthen its presence in markets where it is well-positioned while expanding its products in new, emerging markets.

The company will further enrich its traditional portfolio of products with new offers and will expand its production capacity in order to meet the growing demand.

To achieve it, the trademark treasures a quality legacy preserved by the Masters of Cuban Rum, the professionalism and passion of a broad local and international distribution network as well as a new platform of international communication paired with very interesting innovations, he said.

Valdés Dorta recalled that Cuba is the birthplace of renowned Ron Ligero (Light Rum), which has spread to other countries with a history of 150+ years. Hence, rum is part of the Cuban culture.

Havana Club trademark is registered in the US since 1970s. The registration has been renewed and is valid through 2026. That is why we can boast the original Havana Club is produced in Cuba and its trademark registration, even in the US, belongs to the Caribbean nation.

Translated by Sergio Alejandro Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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