Havana Citizens Braced for Hurricane Ian

Havana Citizens Braced for Hurricane Ian
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27 September 2022
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Evacuation of citizens in risky areas in the face of the impact of hurricane Ian is one of the measures adopted by Havana authorities to preserve human lives.

Since mid-day Monday, evacuation orders were issued for vulnerable or low-lying areas like settlements on the banks of the Almendares river, which runs across the Cuban capital.

Orestes Fabelo, president of a local government district in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood said that evacuation is preceded by explaining and persuading locals about the need to evacuate in the face of the storm to state facilities, while their property is guarded at their places.

All evacuees will count on the necessary health and food services as in previous occasions, said Fabelo who added that there are always people who resist to evacuate, thought authorities always try to have them move to safe places.

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