French association highlights Cuban president's speech at UN

French association highlights Cuban president's speech at UN
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24 September 2020
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The Cuba Cooperation France Association (CubaCoop) highlighted on Thursday the defense of multilateralism, solidarity and peace expressed by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel in his speech at the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

In its weekly publication La Lettre electronique Hebdo, the organization founded in 1995 also stood out the Cuban president's denunciation of the US-imposed economic, commercial and financial blockade for 60 years and its tightening by the current administration.

Diaz-Canel began his speech on Tuesday recalling the effects of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, advocated for the democratization of the UN, in order that it respond the aspirations of all peoples, and for the end of the arms race, which squanders vast resources, he stressed.

According to CubaCoop, during the virtual speech, the Cuban head of State claimed to respect multilateralism, the UN Charter principles and the right of peoples to self-determination as the guarantee of world peace.

The president also addressed Cuba's solidarity in the context of the pandemic, by sending more than 3,700 health professionals to about 40 countries hit by Covid-19, and the international request to grant the Nobel Peace Prize to the 'Henry Reeve' Medical Brigades.

About this issue, the French association, involved in dozens of cooperation projects with Cuba, reiterated its support for that request to recognize the island's army in white coats with the Nobel prize.

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