Expert in International Law speaks about ending the blockade on Cuba

Expert in International Law speaks about ending the blockade on Cuba
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16 November 2023
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International Law expert Norman Paech considered that the United States must end its blockade against Cuba and return to respect the basic norms of conduct of the countries in their reciprocal relations.

The renowned German jurist will be the main judge in an international court convened by various social and political organizations from Europe and the United States to denounce and judge the blockade against Cuba.

The expert was interviewed by Prensa Latina about the court and the acceptance of responsibility. He commented that he is fond of the Cuban people, victims of a stifling policy that he described as unacceptable due to its consequences and its nature contrary to International Law.

Regarding the outcome of the trial, Paech indicated that it will respond to the various elements that will be presented by witnesses, bearers of concrete examples of the inhuman and extraterritorial nature of the blockade. “We will hear many interventions. It is a question of whether or not International Law is respected, norms that the United States accepted,” he stated.

According to Paech, although the ruling scheduled for Friday will not be binding, it will represent a contribution and will allow greater knowledge and a closer understanding of what is happening with Cuba and the blockade it is suffering from.

At the beginning of this month, 187 countries demanded in the UN General Assembly the end of the US blockade, including all members of the European Union (EU), however, in practice, they do not do enough, he estimated.

For the German expert, an eventual consequence of the process would be to draw the attention of the EU to review what it does and what it can do for Washington to return to the path of International Law.

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