Eusebio Leal revered Jose Marti on his last visit to Panama

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Eusebio Leal revered Jose Marti on his last visit to Panama
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4 August 2020
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Panama, Aug 4 (Prensa Latina) With a white rose in his hands and almost without removing the dust from the road, the Cuban intellectual Eusebio Leal paid homage to the apostle José Martí during his last visit to Panama in 2015.
On that occasion he traveled to the Isthmus as part of the Cuban delegation that attended the VII Summit of the Americas, an event that in the opinion of the essayist and university professor, who died recently, marked relevant historical events of the continent.

During his speech, the Historian of Havana referred to the mark left by Martí in this capital city and in the Caribbean city of Colon, 'a story worthy of being told that he describes with sincere emotion; he sees the Pacific Sea that surprises him and the characteristics of the people he cherishes'.

That is why 'our tradition of deep love for our Homeland, our patriotic and anti-imperialist tradition brings us before Martí's bust to get there first,' said Leal in reference to a group of confessed mercenaries and terrorists who tried to sully the figure of Cuba's National Hero at the regional meeting.

In that emotional and fiery speech, Leal referred to the ovations that the then president of Cuba, Raul Castro, and his US counterpart, Barack Obama, would surely receive during the meeting of Heads of State and Government.

This fact 'is important for us, especially for the Cuban diplomatic staff because it is the recognition that the Revolution could not be defeated by the terrible methods used against it: crime, isolation and persecution of our diplomats.

'The name of Cuba could not be erased. Cuba arrives, like the last gladiator in the circus, standing, bloodied and exhausted, but with the shield raised and the sword in the other hand,' he said of the victory that Cuba's participation in the Summit of the Americas, which was held in Panama in 2015, meant.

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