Editorial: We are The Giants Now

Editorial: We are The Giants Now
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8 June 2022
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And we are not giants because we wear big boots that we put on top of others, but because we carry dignity and truth to the top of the summit, that of our peoples.

Looking out from the heights of Aconcagua, José Martí would proudly contemplate Our America today.

Because we have stood up, forgetting those postures of the "vain villager" who "believes that the whole world fits in his village", and not a few of us have joined shoulders in a Summit of the Peoples and for Democracy that begins today, precisely in the same U.S. city of Los Angeles that hosts a misnamed Summit of the Americas.

This is not just by chance. It’s the response to exclusion, to the attempts of the U.S. government to keep pushing policies, doctrines and positions that have already passed their expiration date; but the stubborn imperial stubbornness has once again ricocheted on him.

While the high-level session of the IX Summit of the Americas unfolds with the United States as host, more than 200 community organizations, social movements, unions, and progressive forces will raise their voices calling for justice and democracy that the peoples of this side of the world deserve.

"That will be the true significant political event for our peoples", said Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of Cuba, one of the excluded countries along with Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Convinced that the other will be an ill-born summit that will not go beyond masquerade, several presidents of the region expressed solidarity with "the excluded" and will also leave their seats empty.

How the Exclusion Summit will go down in history and more than a thousand protesters will march against it on June 10th in L.A., where they made it impossible for even genuine representatives of Cuban civil society to arrive, whose visas were denied by the empire in their processing.

In front of the convention center where the IX Summit of the Americas is taking place, a poster calls for Let Cuba Live.

But the voice of Cuba will be heard loud and clear in that geography, where the claim of many against the genocidal blockade imposed on the Island will be multiplied.

From diversity, the Summit of the Peoples will be talking about how much the peoples of Our America have changed, about the cohesion achieved in the struggles against that imperial giant, which at its make-believe summit has become very small, very small.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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