Dying in the Mediterranean Sea

Dying in the Mediterranean Sea
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4 December 2023
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With fear, terror, hunger, anguish, and despair rescued migrants receive blankets and even hot soup from the hands of lifeguards. And although they wait for the uncertain, they have had a better fate than the many who have perished in the almost always turbulent waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are unscrupulous journalistic spectacles surrounding this drama of people trying to reach a Europe that cares nothing about the fate of these uprooted people who pile up in various places on the African and Arab coasts, because it’s only interested in preventing them from continuing to reach their coasts, and to do so they use all possible resources.

Thus, those “coyotes” or traffickers who drown those who have paid them to take them to the desired place and turn a “blind eye” to events carried out by the official navy to make the majority of people surrender are not pursued. The fragile boats with which they shed the little dignity they had left and ventured to abandon the misery and violence of their countries.

In this regard the words spoken a decade ago in Paris by the specialist Eduardo Febbo are very valid:
“The masks of good fall off like make-up washed away by rain. Behind appears the horrifying face of a truth hidden in the wrapping paper of a long declamatory culture. "The European Union sows its values with words, but denies them with actions."

And reality stresses what the researcher said, when we know that nearly 2,000 people drown annually in the Mediterranean, trying to reach what they call the Old Continent, mostly on the coasts of North Africa, about 35,000 ( estimated figure) in the last three decades.

There’s not exactly an official EU strategy, but rather making some country take care of the problem by means of a juicy payment. At one time they used Turkey, but the money did not arrive.


In all of this, inaction prevails, widespread racism, terror of the word immigration, disagreements between the states that make up the EU, misery in the African countries from which migrants flee in search of a better destiny, not to mention those victims who flee of the wars unleashed by imperialism. Everything contributes to the Mediterranean becoming a cemetery.

Even right-wing French and Italian legislators regretted the assassination of Muhammad Gaddafi and the massacre unleashed by mercenary forces allied to the genocidal imperialists, because they led to the mass flight of people who ventured into the Mediterranean to try to reach Europe.

Most of the immigration candidates from the countries located on the Horn of Africa, one of the poorest regions in the world, pass through there. To make matters worse, just as what happens with Central Americans who pass through Mexico to reach the United States, many fall into the networks of traffickers.

Some European leaders expressed indifferently that it could not continue like this, but everything remains the same.

The dramas accumulate and those who find themselves in danger and on high seas cannot even fully count on the solidarity of fishing boats.

In some European countries there are laws that penalize those who assist, help or conceal undocumented foreigners. Giving a hand to a fellow man is a crime.

And Europe is shipwrecked with the sunk boats. The European Union has no plan or common criteria for the treatment of those considered inferior beings.

But immigrants coming from Ukraine have another distinction, as part of its policy of supporting the United States in the aggression orchestrated against Russia.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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