DPRK condemns Japanese militarism

DPRK condemns Japanese militarism
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5 February 2024
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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) today condemned Japan's return to the path of militarism encouraged by the United States, and advised it to meditate well before "getting into the lion's den".

In an article carried by the state news agency KCNA, a researcher at the DPRK Foreign Ministry’s Institute of Japanese Affairs noted that Tokyo has recently taken several steps to equip itself with long-range missiles.

According to Kim Sol Hwa, Japan has capriciously amended three important documents on national security strategy under the pretext of the threat from neighboring countries and this year will devote a record seven trillion 949.6 billion yen to defense.

The expert denounced that such actions are part of the script for the hegemonic strategy of the United States to turn its acolytes in the Asia-Pacific region into the executors of its war against the DPRK, China and Russia.

Instead of apologizing and compensating our countries and others in Asia for the huge losses caused to them in the last century, Japan regularizes open-door visits to Yasukuni Shrine, where the ghost of the militarist rests, she wrote.

In its Book of Souls, the Yasukuni Shrine includes the names of nearly two and a half million soldiers who have fallen in war conflicts, including 14 notorious war criminals.

The DPRK, China, South Korea and other countries victimized by Japanese military aggression in the 20th century consider the site a symbol of Japanese militarism in World War II and proto-fascist Japanese nationalism.

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