Dominican Republic and China strengthen relations in five years

Dominican Republic and China strengthen relations in five years
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2 May 2023
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The Dominican Republic and China celebrate today five years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, with a strengthening of their economic and commercial exchanges.

Local media outlets highlighted that in this brief period the country became the first commercial partner of the Asian giant in the Caribbean.

According to the Chinese ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Chen Luning, the volume of commercial exchange increased by 112 percent since the formalization of diplomatic ties.

During the first quarter of this year, this indicator grew by 39.3 percent in relation to the same period in 2022, Luning specified, after highlighting the excellent reception in that market of typical Dominican products such as cigars and rum.

Another sign of the consolidation of relations, he pointed out, is the signing of over 20 agreements in key sectors such as trade, economy, agriculture, education and tourism, with an accumulated investment of more than 200 million dollars.

For Miguel Mejía, Minister of Regional Integration Policies, Beijing’s support for the Caribbean country during the most critical years of the Covid-19 pandemic was essential in managing the complex epidemiological scenario.

“If today the Dominican Republic has a low number of deaths from Covid-19, we owe a lot to China’s cooperation, because while other large countries prohibited their laboratories from selling us vaccines, the Asian nation extended its hand with the injectable Sinovac,” he said.

In 2022, Chinese tourists who chose the island as a destination grew by 164 percent compared to 2018. The ambassador alluded to the proverb from his homeland that says: “When brothers unite their wills, their strength breaks any metal”.

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