Documentary on the illegality of the U.S. blockade premieres in Cuba

Documentary on the illegality of the U.S. blockade premieres in Cuba
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14 June 2024
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The documentary CULPABLES, a reflection of the International Tribunal against the blockade of Cuba, which met in the European Parliament, had its premiere today at the Fidel Castro Center in Havana.

The film presents the statements and testimonies in the sessions of the judicial process that took place on November 16 and 17 in Brussels, Belgium, in which prestigious specialists and members of legal organizations from Europe and the United States challenged the US blockade.

It also collects the testimonies of the Cuban population who suffer daily the harsh consequences of the policy of economic asphyxiation applied by the United States governments for more than 60 years.

It also exposes the complaints of the extraterritorial reach of this policy that affects third states and their sovereignty, and turns it into an act of economic war that violates international norms.

Produced by Summary Latin American with the collaboration of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), the film by the young director Yaimí Ravelo complements the book Denuncia de un Crimen (Ocean Sur publishing house 2024), which contains the Memoirs of that international court .

According to ICAP, the president of that institution, Fernando González, stated at the meeting that audiovisuals constitute a tool for the battles against the US blockade.

For his part, Ravelo expressed his interest in reflecting the feeling of solidarity and love for Cuba that he appreciated in the hearings, the result of which was the ruling against the blockade, considering it a violation of human rights and a concentrated attack against the basic structures of society. their livelihoods and development capabilities.

“Guilty” ends by reporting the verdict of the main judge, the German Norman Paech, and the words of Fernando González, who described the Court as a major political exercise. 

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