Document Signed by Presidential Candidates Backs Peace in Venezuela

Document Signed by Presidential Candidates Backs Peace in Venezuela
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22 June 2024
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Eight of ten presidential candidates who will participate in the July 28 elections in Venezuela signed an agreement to recognize their results, a majority of support amid denunciations of probable acts of violence.

The candidates, Luis Eduardo Martinez, Daniel Ceballos, Antonio Ecarri, Benjamin Rausseo, Jose Brito, Javier Bertucci, Claudio Fermin, and President Nicolas Maduro, went to the National Electoral Council (CNE) to recognize the head of State’s proposal to sign a new document that strengthens democracy and institutions in the country.

Edmundo Gonzalez, representative of the Democratic Unitary Platform, and Enrique Márquez of the Centrados party, refused to do so.

CNE President Elvis Amoroso read the text, which undoubtedly reaffirms the commitments achieved in the October Barbados Agreements, especially political guarantees for all, and the February 2024 Caracas Agreement.

The new document, in synthesis, emphasizes respect for the electoral power as the governing electoral body, commitment to peace, respect for national sovereignty, non-interference of the States, and compliance with the laws and constitutional provisions.

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