Do You Read More? Is it Read Better?

Do You Read More? Is it Read Better?
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24 June 2023
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The controversy is not in whether you read more or less in these times. More will probably be read, assuming the fact that supports and platforms have multiplied.

Certainly never before have there been so many options for reading. But the question is in the quality of what’s read, because let's agree that we also live in times of an evident magnification of nonsense. Some say that the important thing is that people read, and that what’s read comes afterwards. We do not entirely agree. It’s good that it’s read, but it would be necessary to seek for that enriching reading. And the benefit, of course, does not have to be opposed to joy. Good reading combines pleasure and usefulness; and the book, in whatever format it is (that is secondary) continues to be at the very base of the cultural pyramid.

It is clear that promotion strategies must be updated, it is clear that potentialities associated with new technologies must be explored. But it would be necessary to start from an effective hierarchy. There are shared responsibilities.

It may be that the institution transcends the more conventional spheres for the promotion of reading... what the Provincial Book Center of Camagüey does, for example, with its activities in the communities, or the conferences organized in the Granma mountains, are welcomed initiatives. But schools must be involved much more, and link them with local libraries and bookstores. In other words, consolidate systems. And no less important: the family has a key role. I wish all parents were aware of the importance of reading in their children's education. Everything starts at home.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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