Cuba’s museum hosts documentary about creator Belkis Ayon

Cuba’s museum hosts documentary about creator Belkis Ayon
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17 May 2022
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Havana, May 17 (Prensa Latina) The National Museum of Fine Arts in Cuba will host on Tuesday the premiere of the documentary video "Belkis Ayon: Grabado de desasosiego" (Belkis Ayon: Engraving of Unrest), by renowned Uruguayan researcher, professor and filmmaker Juanamaria Cordones-Cook.

According to the Facebook page dedicated to the Cuban painter and academic, the documentary makes visible essential aspects of the work of this prominent representative of 20th-century Cuban art and exposes “her paradoxical, charismatic, warm and enigmatic personality.”

According to the text, it deals with the legacy of a creator who made significant contributions to the Latin American engraving, includes the music by Carlos Fariñas and the voice of poet, essayist and 2001 National Literature Prize winner Nancy Morejon, who is also in charge of the audiovisual presentation.

The film also includes unpublished commentaries by family members and renowned intellectuals and artists, among them Lazara Menendez, Serafin Quiñones, Cristina Vives-Figueroa, Angel Ramirez, Eduardo Choco Roca, Norberto Marrero and Jose Omar Torres.

Cordones-Cook, who is a member of the Uruguayan Academy of Arts, has produced more than 20 documentaries on important figures of the Caribbean nation, such as Rogelio Martinez Fure and Natalia Bolivar, and her work has been shown at prestigious higher education centers, among them the University of Humboldt in Germany.

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