Cubans in China snubbed their country's being classified as terrorist

Cubans in China snubbed their country's being classified as terrorist
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20 January 2021
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Beijing, Jan 20 (Prensa Latina) The 'Ernesto Che Guevara' Association of Cuban Residents in China repudiated on Wednesday that the Trump administration included their country in a list of nations that sponsor terrorism and demanded from Washington to remove it along with other unilateral measures such as the blockade.
'Cuba is against terrorism, its inclusion in that list is unfair, hypocritical and absurd, the international rejection is shown within the United States,' that organization confirmed in a statement.

This kind of action directly affects the general development of the island and even compatriots living abroad, as it implies limitations in access to banking institutions, the Association denounced.

'Even in times of pandemic, the US government is determined to make life more difficult to our people, we reiterate once again that we are a noble and sovereign nation. These are times to cooperate and be united,' the document stated.

The Association recalled that despite Cuba has been a victim of multiple violent attacks, it overcame and saved lives by sending health brigades to tens of nations globally.

It defined this new Washington maneuver as 'another slander orchestrated against the dignity' of the island to affect its population.

The Association is in line with governments, organizations and prominent figures across the world who condemn the US decision, taken just when US President Donald Trump is about to leave office amid controversy and chaos in the White House.

Cuba was excluded in 2015 from the unilateral and questioned list of nations that sponsor terrorism, during the rapprochement process with Washington under Barack Obama (2009-2017).

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