Cuban under-23 baseball team welcomes two new players

Cuban under-23 baseball team welcomes two new players
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21 September 2021
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Havana, Sep 21 (Prensa Latina) Outfielder Reinaldo Lazaga and pitcher Jose Eduardo Santos have joined the Cuban under-23 baseball team that will compete in the World Cup in Sonora, Mexico, the National Federation announced on Tuesday.
Lazaga and Santos will replace shortstop player Darlin Luis Jimenez and outfielder Luis Enrique Gonzalez, respectively, just a day before traveling to the tournament's venue, to be held from September 23 to October 2 in the cities of Hermosillo and Obregon.

Now, the composition of the Cuban team, led by former catcher Eriel Sanchez, is as follows: three catchers, six infielders, four outfielders and 11 pitchers.

The Cuban team will play in Group A in Obregon against the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Germany and Chinese Taipei.

In Hermosillo, the baseball players will compete against Colombia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela, who are in Group B.

The Cuban team's roster is the following:

- Catchers (3): Andrys Perez (MTZ), Ivan Prieto (GRA) and Loidel Rodriguez (SSP).

- Infielders (6): Guillermo Garcia (GRA), Diasmany Palacio (SSP), Rangel Ramos (MAY), Miguel Antonio Gonzalez (GRA), Yandy Yanez (CMG) and Rodoleisi Moreno (SSP).

- Outfielders (4): Loidel Chapelli (CMG), Geisel Adriano Cepeda (SSP), Yuddiel Gonzalez (CAV) and Reinaldo Lazaga (PRI).

- Pitchers (11): Bryan Anthony Chi (HAB), Jonathan Carbo (IJV), Frank Abel Alvarez (PRI), Naikel Yoel Cruz (MTZ), Dariel Fernandez (PRI), Marlon Vega (MAY), Kelbis Rodriguez (GRA), Luis Danys Morales (SSP), Ubert Luis Mejias (SCU), Yeniel Alberto Zayas (IJV) and Jose Eduardo Santos (SSP).

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