Cuban Twitter user's account blocked after complaining of manipulation by UN HR chief

Cuban Twitter user's account blocked after complaining of manipulation by UN HR chief
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22 July 2021
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Havana, July 22 (RHC)-- A Cuban woman's Twitter account was blocked without any specific reason given after she protested against the UN human rights chief using her photo to depict "protesters" against the Cuban government when she was actually supporting the government.

In her tweet, UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet urged the Cuban government to address protesters' grievances amid economic difficulties and called for the release of those detained for "exercising fundamental freedoms."

Bachelet used a photo of a Cuban woman holding the Cuban national flag and shouting, but to Bachelet's embarrassment, the Cuban was actually a government supporter.

Betty Pariol Quesada posted in Spanish that she strongly denounced the use and manipulation of her image as a symbol of the protests of criminals and vandals in Cuba.

But following her justified opposition to image manipulation, US firm Twitter blocked her account because of "unusual activity."

Bachelet, who appeared highly concerned over Cubans' human rights, has remained silent on the matter, and has not apologized for "the use of the photo."

The UN official's Twitter account deleted the problematic post and posted a new one with the same text but a different picture.

Comparisons of the two posts prompted discontent among Twitter users, and a post showcasing Bachelet's role as a "tool" of the US was retweeted 8,000 times and liked 26,000 times.

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