Cuban Prime Minister highlights the role of COP27 in solving climate crisis

Cuban Prime Minister highlights the role of COP27 in solving climate crisis
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9 November 2022
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Havana, Nov 9 (RHC) Cuba's head of government Manuel Marrero Cruz said Wednesday that the annual United Nations Climate Summit (COP27) is a space to outline strategies and promote solutions to the current climate crisis.

In his Twitter account, the prime minister said that the event has put countries in dialogue on climate change, but the purpose of reversing it requires more ambitious commitments from the States, especially the developed ones, due to their historical responsibility for environmental degradation.

He stressed that climate change affects the entire planet, but most strongly the nations of the South, and to reverse the crisis it is urgent to put an end to the irrational consumption patterns of capitalism.

"It is vital that the most developed countries meet the goal of providing 100 billion dollars a year to support the efforts of the South, scheduled for 2020 and today unfulfilled," wrote Marrero Cruz.

According to the head of Cuba's Foreign Ministry, Bruno Rodríguez, while developing countries are demanding to speed up and finalize negotiations on a new financial goal at COP27, developed nations are trying to delay this process.

In his message on the social network, the foreign minister denounced the posture of postponing commitments and evading responsibilities.

The Conference of the Parties (COP) annually brings together the signatory states of the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which recognizes changes in the Earth's climate and its adverse effects as a common concern.

It was at these meetings that the two major agreements that have defined the strategy for confronting climate change were adopted: the Kyoto Protocol (1997) and the Paris Agreement (2015).

The COP27 is being held in the city of Sharm el Sheik, Egypt, from this Sunday until November 18, with 200 countries invited (Source: ACN).

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