Cuban Prime Minister calls to strengthen local development

Cuban Prime Minister calls to strengthen local development
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24 March 2023
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Holguin, Cuba, Mar 24 (Prensa Latina) Prime Minister of Cuba Manuel Marrero called to seek local solutions and alternatives in order to improve the livelihood of the citizens.

As reported by national television, Marrero analyzed the main social programs and socioeconomic problems affecting development in Holguin during a meeting with authorities of this province.

The Minister of Health, Jose Angel Portal, also participated in the meeting where he pointed out that even though the doctor’s offices in the province aren´t lacking of staff, it is still necessary to continue improving the quality of health care.

Topics related to the strategy of rehabilitation and construction of housing units in 2023, the attention to mothers with three children or more, and the importance of the neighborhood’s doctor and nurse programs, were debated during the meeting.

Managers from the National Institute of Water Resources addressed concrete actions to be taken to shorten the cycles of distribution of drinking water, the schedule for drilling wells, and the building of new works.

The Minister of Agriculture, Ydael Pérez, in turn, deepend on the fulfillment of food production plans, as well as the handover of lands for pig-breeding programs.

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