Cuban President regrets deaths due to assault on U.S. Congress

Cuban President regrets deaths due to assault on U.S. Congress
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8 January 2021
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel,  regretted several people's deaths due to the breaching of the U.S. Capitol building by the mob of supporters of President Donald Trump.

On Twitter, the Cuban head of state condemned the events and the violence, and supremacist expressions of those who on Wednesday tried to prevent by force the official certification of the Democrat Joe Biden's victory as U.S. president.

According to the U.S. media, four people were killed, including a woman, 14 police officers were injured, and 52 were arrested in the wake of the riots encouraged by Trump, who was reluctant to accept Biden's victory, arguing that the elections were fraudulent.

Yesterday's events had vast international repercussions and, according to the specialists, put in evidence the country's model of democracy.

According to The New York Times, what happened at the Capitol was a picture of violence and chaos, and one of the most severe intrusions against the legislative body in that nation.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez, rejected the vandalism in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

 'We reject the serious acts of violence and vandalism that occurred yesterday in the United States Congress," he wrote on Twitter.

Such acts are 'an expression of the system's crisis and the result of a long period of exclusion, manipulation, political irresponsibility and incitement to hatred,' he said.

In another tweet, he referred to the violation of the constitutional order and the disrespect for institutions promoted by Trump to nullify the voters' will, reproducing the 'shameful practices' employed by that country against the rest of the world.

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