Cuban president checks weather drill in the country's capital

Cuban president checks weather drill in the country's capital
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21 May 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel checked Saturday the actions being carried out in the country's capital for disaster prevention and reduction in the face of the approaching hurricane season, in the context of the Meteoro 2023 National Exercise.

Accompanied by the Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, the Cuban president received a detailed explanation of the measures adopted in the face of these climatic events and other dangers of natural, technological and sanitary origin.

The action plan includes aspects such as the construction of buildings, sanitation of the city, collection and distribution of food, protection of crops and animals, preparation and securing of evacuation centers and vital services.

Also rainwater drainage, drinking water supply and energy.

The meeting was also attended by the president of the Havana Provincial Defense Council (CDP), Luis Antonio Torres, and the heads of the working groups of the Central State Administration agencies involved in the task, who explained the action plan implemented.

This weekend, the Meteoro 2023 Popular Exercise is being held in Cuba, aimed at strengthening national capacities and responses to disaster risks.

Initiated in 1986, the Meteoro exercises involve the active participation of the population, together with the Central State Administration, the business system and political and mass organizations.

They update the preparedness of management and command bodies at all levels, with the purpose of strengthening measures against earthquakes, major hurricanes, severe droughts and epidemics, with emphasis on the preservation of the population and economic resources.


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