Cuban president calls for systematic link between government and scientists

Cuban president calls for systematic link between government and scientists
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19 June 2020
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The President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, emphasized that the lessons that the offensive against the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving us in the link between the government and science must be systematized, so that they become a style of work when addressing all the fundamental issues of the country.

In another exchange with scientists and experts involved in confronting the epidemic -- the twelfth led by the president and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz -- the president commented on the holding, in the coming days, of the first meeting with the entire system of science and innovation related to food production, one of the nation's emergencies.

Díaz-Canel stressed that the same model that has been proposed with science for the confrontation with the COVID-19 must be taken towards the production of food in the national territory.  To do this, he said, we have to identify research centers, scientific leaders, academics, experts, innovators and farmers who apply scientific results more quickly than some state institutions.

"This allows us to shape this same system for another big priority we have, even within the confrontation with the pandemic, which is to produce food, to depend less on imports and to seek food sovereignty," he stressed.


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