Cuban journalists preserving the truth from the attack of fake news

Cuban journalists preserving the truth from the attack of fake news
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7 August 2022
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Risking literally their own lives, with the same responsibility and dedication with which a doctor treats wounded people, the firefighter tries to extinguish the flames and the manager decides on strategy, the Cuban journalists have once again embraced their mission of informing.


This time it has not been among the rubble and dust of a terrible landslide, nor with water up to the waist due to a hurricane, but on the verge of the flames of a dangerous fire that is hard to be extinguished and it is already the largest of its kind faced by our nation.


But the journalists have been there since, at seven o'clock last Friday, a lightning bolt hit tank number 52 at the supertanker base in Matanzas.


The only purpose is to build the news, with diligence and commitment, with ethics and respect for the audience; applaud those who deserve it, and not be applauded in return.


The president of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), Ricardo Ronquillo, said it in a recent tweet: “The pain of the people of Matanzas is that of the Cubans. Another test for the soul of our people, which has already endured so many. Another test for Cuban journalism, which will know how to honor it with its humanism and social responsibility."


On this occasion, some journalists have been injured as they were reporting on site.


But they are still there. We all continue to be there because those of us who cannot see the smoke or smell like singe, even many kilometers away from Matanzas, remain for hours in from of our PC, next to the microphone, the camera….


A very important mission encourages this task: tell the truth, preserve it, and also save it from the flames of fake news, which not even in contingencies as horrendous as these respect the pain and commitment of so many.


Although public acknowledgments are not heard —never sought or expected—, the comments of gratitude and encouragement are heard, and very loudly, that, especially on social networks, are left by the residents, the ordinary people, the one to whom essentially, we, journalists, owe ourselves.


"Thanks you for keeping us informed. All of #Cuba is alert and ready to help,” someone pointed out. “The information to the people is excellent, thanks to all communicators. #FuerzaCuba #FuerzaMatanzas,” wrote another; "minute by minute with the truth," wrote a third.


And they are just random examples among so many that encourage us to continue, to respond to President Díaz-Canel's call: “It is vital to keep the people informed constantly, with serenity. The instructions to follow have been given and they are working hard in very difficult conditions. Extinguishing the fire may still take time, but recovery strategies are already being outlined. #FuerzaMatanzas."


And when the time of recovery comes, journalist will be there as well, diligent, agile, committed to defending the truth from all the flames.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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