Cuban experts recommend promoting environmental education

Cuban experts recommend promoting environmental education
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6 December 2021
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Havana, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuban researchers strongly recommend promoting a systematic work of environmental education in Cuba, which should be focused on respecting and caring for values of the country´s fauna.

Scientists agreed on advisability of rolling out some actions aimed at being more familiar with present distribution, demography, phenology, genetic structure, real and potential risks Cuban animals face.

Such an endeavor may be achieved by taking into account the local context in each case, that is, by adapting the conservationist discourse to the features of the fauna and the peculiarities of the human settlements linked to it.

According to figures cited by the Granma newspaper, the Cuban fauna comprises 370 registered species of endemic, resident and migratory birds and over 160 reptiles.

In addition, there are about 70 species of amphibians, of which only four of them are not endemic, and 34 are terrestrial mammals.

Cuba treasures “the greatest diversity and endemism of aquaculture fish in the Caribbean, while there are 3,170 species of mollusks, over 8,400 insects, the most diverse and abundant animal group in our archipelago, as well as more than 1,300 species of arachnids”

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