Cuban duo Buena Fe with new concerts in Spain

Cuban duo Buena Fe with new concerts in Spain
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23 May 2023
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Madrid, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban musical duo Buena Fe on Tuesday announced new concerts in Spain, where they will close their performances after facing acts of censorship and hatred in some scenarios.

A campaign promoted by Cubainformation in support of the Cuban musicians has resulted in the collection of nearly 1,400 signatures to condemn the demonstrations against their concerts in Spain.

Buena Fe will perform tonight in Mataró, province of Barcelona; on Wednesday in the capital of Catalonia; they will give a free concert in Valencia on Monday, sponsored by the State Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MESC), and finally they will play in Madrid on June 1.

The manifesto, promoted by the coordinator of Cubainformation, Jose Manzaneda, responded to the harassment and threats that wrecked part of the Cuban group’s tour of Spain.

With sadness we announce that the concerts in Salamanca and Zamora have been suspended. Under the pretext of defending democracy, fascist harassment and threats have been unleashed against the owners of the venues and that has been more powerful than the songs,” Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, members of the duo, wrote in their social networks.

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