Cuban company boosts exports of health technologies

Cuban company boosts exports of health technologies
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14 February 2021
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The Cuban Company Producer of Softwares for Electronic Technology (Softel) is promoting the export of its technological services in health care, said Ailenis Macias Hernandez, director of the Basic Business Unit (UEB) of Commercialization of this entity.

In an exclusive interview with the Cuban News Agency, the official explained that in order to promote this activity, which is vital for the country's economic development, Softel extends working relations with non-state management forms.

The entity, which is part of the Informatics and Communications Business Group, intends to include informatics solutions in the catalog of the Medical Services Commercialization Company this year, thus making telemedicine a source of income.

There are several intentions of export contracts, under this plan we have signed two contracts and other projects are being fostered, in addition to support services, availability and maintenance of applications, she added.

Softel encourages direct relations with foreign companies, and in this sense, its specialists participated in virtual events and fairs in 2020, the results of which will be followed up this year.

Founded more than three decades ago, the entity manages information technologies to achieve products that increase the efficiency achieve products that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system in Cuba.

According to the 2020-2021 Portfolio of Opportunities, Cuba promotes the export of products and services in the telecommunications sector, a key sector in the domestic economy, characterized by a high added value and a high level of competitiveness.

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