Cuban Boxing: Looking for Rivals

Cuban Boxing: Looking for Rivals
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5 October 2022
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Several months after his debut as professionals, it’s necessary to make a small balance of how the Cuban boxing team has performed.

Saying they are undefeated is obvious, but it’s necessary to analyze what was found in the ring in these first fights, most of them decided before the limit.

Firstly, it’s known that whenever a career in professional boxing begins, the quality increases as victories are added, so the initial fights are mostly against fighters who are about to go into retirement, or have not had a successful career.

However, for them it’s important, economically speaking, to have fights where they know they have everything to lose and will hardly serve to show off their opponents.

However, in the case of Cubans it’s more difficult to find rivals, because unlike the rest of the debutants, mostly inexperienced, here they are already seasoned boxers, with Olympic and world medals and more than 200 fights in amateur boxing.

Of course, the level is not the same, but it’s experience, and it shows from the moment they get on the ring.

That’s why many shy away from this commitment because they know that they have very few chance of winning and the price is not the most attractive either, in addition to the problem of risking a knockout that would keep them away from the ring for a long time.

Our athletes are doing their job so far, but it’s urgent to find opponents of higher caliber, and Golden Ring Promotions, the promoter that leads the destinies of Los Domadores, must work with greater energy on that direction. On the Cuban side we know that there’s no fear of any opponent.

It’s finally about improving the show, which is the shared objective of the agency and the Cuban Federation, and for that it’s necessary to knock on many doors to achieve the wanted “Yes”.

The style of most Cuban boxers is to go for the knockout, and that’s very attractive for television networks, but when the blows come from only one side, the event suffers.

In short, we know that it doesn’t depend on our fighters, but time passes by and in this case most of them are over 30 years old, so it cannot be wasted, we want more worthy adversaries.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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