Cuban Athletics Legends Invited to Moscow Event

Cuban Athletics Legends Invited to Moscow Event
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3 June 2023
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Olympic champions Javier Sotomayor, Dayron Robles and Anier Garcia, three of the great glories of Cuban sport, will participate as special guests in the "Week of Athletics", a competition scheduled to be held next Monday in Moscow, Russia.


This trio of stars of the world sport, now retired, competed on several occasions in the former Soviet Union and in Russian territory, which is why they are greatly admired by fans.


Dubbed the "Prince of Heights", Sotomayor was already present in a similar competition for children in 2017, in addition to competing in his golden age on several occasions in Moscow and other cities of the former Soviet Union, Radio Habana Cuba reported.


To give prestige to the meeting, the Russian organizers have announced that luxury guests will award the winners and plan to run a symbolic 100-meter flat race to delight the fans, Sotomayor told Radio Habana Cuba.


Sotomayor and Robles, both still linked to Cuban athletics, besides becoming successful businessmen on the island, will travel directly from Cuba, while Garcia will travel from India, where he works as a coach.


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