Cuba urges to consider attack on embassy as terrorism

Cuba urges to consider attack on embassy as terrorism
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27 September 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday urged the United States to class terrorists those promoters of terror attacks on the Cuban embassy in Washington.

“In addition to investigating and punishing the culprit, the U.S. authorities could be fair and give them the place they really deserve on States Sponsoring Terrorism (SST) list to those who actually finance such acts,” the Cuban leader posted on X social media, while adding they should get Cuba out of the SST list.

On Sunday, an individual tossed two Molotov cocktails onto Cuban embassy in Washington D.C.

Such an action brought about backlashes of governments, political parties, solidarity organizations and Cubans residing abroad, who lashed out at the impunity with which these aggressions take place in Washington.

President Diaz-Canel claimed it was an act of violence that could have cost valuable lives, so he stated the U.S. authorities must take due actions in this regard.


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