Cuba: Successful experience in applying Heberprot-P in a child

Cuba: Successful experience in applying Heberprot-P in a child
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19 December 2023
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For the first time in Cuba, Heberprot-P, a national growth factor, was successfully applied to a pediatric patient prior to a skin transplant in this central province, according to specialists.

This was confirmed to the press by Rafael Ibargollín, specialist of the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Sancti Spiritus, who affirmed that the recovery of the nine-year-old boy is progressing progressively, avoiding the amputation of one of his limbs.

It was known that the infant had suffered a serious accident with injuries in his lower limbs, one of them with the risk of having to mutilate and place a prosthesis given the damages suffered.

With the application of Heberprot-P, Ibargollín explained, it was possible to granulate the previously operated tissue, giving the possibility of a skin transplant that led to the salvation of the nine-year-old boy’s foot. He reported that the complicated injury, improved after 10 applications of human growth factor -injected during the anesthesia cures in the surgical room- and made it possible to perform the epidermis grafts, thus avoiding the risk of infection.

Regarding the consultations carried out prior to performing this procedure, he said that all the ethical requirements were met: consultations at a national level -including with the creator of Heberprot-P-, a family consent form was drawn up and the management of the José Martí Pediatric Hospital and its Ethics Committee.

Currently, the orthopedics service of the hospital is preparing documentation with the results achieved with the aim that the competent health agencies accredit the use of Heberprot-P in the pediatric age, based on this experience.

Besides, this medicine has been successfully applied in the territory in other treatments such as wounds that are difficult to heal, in male genital organs, in varicose ulcers, bedsores and in orthopedic surgeries in adults due to its recognized advantages in reducing hospital stay and other complications.


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