Cuba to strengthen state enterprise and free productive forces

Cuba to strengthen state enterprise and free productive forces
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19 June 2021
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Cuba is working to strengthen the socialist state enterprise and the creation of micro, small and medium-sized entities (MSMEs)to liberate productive forces and boosting the economy.

In early June, the Council of Ministers approved the improvement of the actors of the Cuban economy, which includes the socialist state enterprise, non-agricultural cooperatives, MSMEs, and self-employment (private).

The year 2021 is a year of profound transformations for the organization and liberation of the productive forces, removing obstacles and taking advantage of the nation's full potential, said the Minister of Economy and Planning (MEP), Alejandro Gil, speaking Friday on the Round Table TV program.

Gil made reference to an indication of the highest leadership of the country, which called to shake up the socialist state enterprise, for which opportunities are opened and faculties are decentralized, such as the possibility of accessing foreign currency based on its results, self-management, competition, innovation, and linkage with key sectors.

In this regard, he recalled the 15 measures implemented that grant more facilities to this form of management to negotiate, seek solutions, and create alliances.

The Deputy Prime Minister also explained that another novelty of the improvement is the emergence of MSMEs, which are now in the design phase from the point of view of legal rules, powers and framework for action.

On the subject, the MEP's deputy head, Johana Odriozola, explained that for their definition they will take into account the range of occupation: micro enterprises, from one to 10 workers; small, from 11 to 35; and medium-sized, from 36 to 100.


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